Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Soccer Stalkers

Soccer Stalkers is a new Soccer blog based out of Salt Lake City focusing on the MLS and U.S. Mens National Team. It is so new that no articles have been written yet, or hardly even conceived. In coming weeks we will attempt to create thought provoking, entertaining soccer coverage for a broad audience. Some articles will cater to to die hard fans and others will present the game at it's simplest. Our goal is to provide honest, independent coverage, and to speak out on issues only when we have something new to contribute. If we feel there is an important perspective that the rest of the soccer community fails to raise or aptly defend, an article will be born. Lastly, we plan to cover the glorious, rapidly developing league that is Major League Soccer from top to bottom, providing insight on the most high profile players down to the supporters of each individual team. There is a new voice in American Soccer, and we certainly hope you fans deem us worthy of your attention. Welcome Soccer Stalkers.

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