Sunday, July 3, 2011

MLS on Fire Week 15.5

Welcome to the first installment of MLS on Fire. A simple roundup of players that are doing great things for their teams or for the league as a whole. We might even throw in an announcer or a coach every now and then. So lets start things off with a bang here...
Darlington Nagbe is obviously on fire with this wonder-goal he scored for the Timbers against Sporting KC. You might want to put on a diaper before watching this, as it caused me to seriously loose my shit.
Though Portland failed carry the momentum of this goal into a tie or a win, the 20 year old midfielder may have scored a greater victory in the process. If this doesn't force Euro-snobs to take note of the ever rising tide of talent in the MLS, nothing will. Rooney's lucky bicycle kick can move on over because there's a new sherif in town. Honorable mention to the announcer (John Strong?) of Nagbe's goal for matching the emotion of the moment perfectly.

Steven Lenhart makes the list this week, but not without pissing a lot of people off to get there. I can't decide whether to love him or hate him, but he has certainly made his presence known lately. There has been no slowing him down since his hat trick for San Jose against DC. He was the difference maker against LA, pulling a bitch move to infuriate Josh Saunders enough to act a fool. Lenhart had the European instinct to sell the foul hard enough to get the ref to show red. Then last night against the Red Bulls, he made very few friends, but played a key role in keeping the match level.

Chris Pontius makes the list for keeping DC United classy, despite all efforts by Charlie Davies to drag the team through the mud. Please try to ignore one of the most annoying goal callers in the MLS and check out why Pontius is climbing the ranks among the MLS elite.
It may not be the prettiest goal ever, but for every ball he puts… ugh… "IN THE NET", five more have been hitting posts or have somehow been miraculously saved by keepers. Pontius has been firing shots left and right for DC, so look for more goals from him in coming weeks.

Brek Shea is simultaneously on fire and heating up. He has been absolutely dazzling for FC Dallas, and everyone who has seen him play a single game knows it. Somehow this cat manages to outdo his past performances every single game. Instead of a recent goal highlight, get to know the man named Brek with this little gem here. Spoiler alert: Brek Shea is an abstract artist. I guess that explains the haircut.
USMNT boss in the making? Perhaps.

Dax McCarty and Dwayne De Rosario get honorable mentions for seamlessly integrating into their new squads after a surprising swap this week. (I secretly suspect DeRo got tired of name confusion between him and Dane Richards. Same initials and similar first names? Too much for the Canadian star to handle.) De Ro had a nice assist, and McCarty had a less flashy performance, but did the job well in the midfield. After doing this well in their first week at new clubs, we can expect better things to come for the Red Bulls and DC.

Will Johnson gets honorable mention as well for continuing to be Will Johnson.
Thats all for today, but with a few exciting matches left to be played tomorrow, a week 16 post may not be far away. If you disagree with our rulings or think somebody got snubbed, feel free to let us know in the comments.

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